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I agree. I think we should merge them and use social-media as the canonical tag. They are essentially the same thing, especially with the context of how they are used on this site.


Tag wikis are the descriptions of the tags on this website. To visit a tag's wiki page, click on the tag to visit its question list, then click the "Learn more..." link to follow through to the full wiki page. For example, here is the wiki page for the SEO tag. Tag wikis also have an excerpt that is shown on the tag's question list, and when you ...


This reminds me of when Google changed Google Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console back in 2015... We decided back then to wait a while to see how our community was referring to it, and to also compare the two using Google Trends. After about a year and a half, it became clear from both that google-search-console was being used more than google-webmaster-...

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