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If I want to ask for a recommendation of a good CDN provider, can I ask here?

You cannot ask for recommendations on this site, or most Stack Exchange sites. We find that questions that ask for recommendations attract spam answers. With recommendation questions, the ...
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5 votes

Can I ask "How to Write a SEO Plan for Website / Blog?"?

There are entire books written about how to plan SEO for a website. I would close that question as "too broad." A full answer to the question couldn't possibly fit in the few paragraphs for an ...
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3 votes

Is it necessary to historically lock a question about HTML Imports given that HTML Modules will be recommended in a year or three?

I locked that question as it really is more of a web development question as opposed to a "running a website" question. It isn't really on-topic here but due to its popularity I didn't want to close ...
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