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Error message received while trying to post a question: You can only post once every 40 minutes

There are no restrictions or rate limits on your account - it's just a Stack Exchange filter to prevent repetitive spam posts. If you're using a shared IP address on a network, like at a school or ...
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How was an answer posted after the question was closed?

From Meta: We give people a server side grace period to answer questions, even if the question gets closed. If the client side checks fail, for whatever reason, and someone does post an answer, we ...
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"Suggested edit approval overridden" from 5 years ago? But nothing changed?

A long-time user deleted their account. Among other side effects, this results in the loss of any reputation earned from edits where theirs was the final vote to approve. It appears a little bit odd ...
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Numbered lists are broken after the second list item?

Just to wrap this question up... there was a "funny" unicode character in the question source that I was unable to see/edit which was breaking the markdown output. (I had also inadvertently copied ...
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