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Spam attack: Many questions plagarized from are being copied to the site by a spam network of new users

Right now these users are mostly on page 6 of the new users ordered by creation date: I'm working on cleaning ...
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Is it ok to remove spam links from an off-topic question even after flagging the question as Spam?

Please remove spammy links if the question or answer can stay up without them. If you are going to flag them as spam to be deleted, then please leave the spammy link in it. It makes it easier for ...
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Is it a problem when users have a spammy username?

Yes, it's okay. The name in-and-of isn't offensive and doesn't violate any site rules. Additionally the site itself (I didn't visit it, I am going by your description) isn't illegal in any way. It may ...
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We seem to be getting an unusual number of low quality posts

Yeah, I noticed that too. Well, I do flag them. Some flags are declined, some are helpful. But last one was declined, so I don't know what to flag anymore except for spam. How to prove that a ...
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