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Should we merge [social-networks] and [social-media]?

I agree. I think we should merge them and use social-media as the canonical tag. They are essentially the same thing, especially with the context of how they are used on this site.
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Tag rename request: file-manger

Finally, a no-brainer :-) Good catch! It's renamed now. Here's a discussion about how to rename a tag on Stack Exchange's Meta site. It requires a moderator to do, so you did the right thing by ...
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Time to change the google-webmaster-tools tag?

It is time to make the change. google-search-console should now be the canonical tag. One of the criteria brought up last time was which is used more. "search console" 50 uses since November 30th. ...
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Which of the tags [canonical], [rel-canonical] and [canonical-url] is the canonical one?

rel-canonical is a specific type of canonical implementation. It uses a meta tag. The other implementation for canonical URLs is 301 redirects. I'd keep rel-canonical separate from the others. I ...
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Synonyms: [site-deployment] or [website-deployment]?

I agree that "site" and "website" are redundant, unless there's something besides a website that could be deployed and would generate an on-topic question here. I would support ...
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