We added a default close reason for questions seeking software recommendations that points to the Software Recommendations site versus migrating questions there, since as Stephen points out, there was a complaint from their moderators early-on. The close reason states: Questions seeking software recommendations are off-topic because they tend to attract ...


I think it would be a good fit here, too. However the question is too old to be migrated. However, if someone were to re-ask it here I would think it would be kept open.


There is no way to migrate questions older than 60 days (even for moderators). Migration is disabled for old questions because: It can cause large reputation changes It prevents mass migration of old questions The only thing that we can suggest is that the user re-asks the question on the other site. If they do so, we could edit a link into the question ...


Please note that not every question is suitable for Software Recommendations. SR.SE has question quality guidelines, and we do enforce them. In a nutshell, we require that a question have both a use case or user story (what I want it for), and precise requirements (what it must do). You're welcome to migrate questions that satisfy these guidelines. It's ...


That was me. You posted it just before I came to the site so I saw it immediately. I am not a bot, I swear. :)


When the software recommendations site launched we (as moderators) tried to take that approach. However, the moderators at the software recommendations site complained to us about it. Questions were sent back as off-topic and we were asked to "ask first" in chat before sending over questions. The recommendations site seems to have some very specific ...


You can flag it as "needs moderator attention" and put in a custom reason such as "migrate to webapps". Moderators have the ability to "write in" sites in addition to the four that you get to choose.


Michael's answer is correct. Due to how the system handles migrated questions (and how diffs are generated), contribution history for migrated questions resides on both sites where contributions happened. Reasons for this are as obvious as users not having accounts on both sites, and as complicated as quirks about how post history is recorded and used. ...


Yes, this was a recent network-wide change, meant to ensure proper attribution for migrated posts after the source-site copy is deleted.

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