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I also believe we should unpin accepted answers. The list of affected questions you posted is really nifty! I encourage onlookers to click through and click the "score difference" column twice to sort it by the questions with the highest score difference between the accepted answer and the highest voted answer. It's easy to see that a lot of these ...


I think we should unpin accepted answers. An accepted answer just means the answer was useful to the question-asker. It doesn't mean it is the best answer or the answer which will more widely apply to the question. Upvotes tend to better represent both.


The two are similar enough to merge. I would prefer to merge serps into search-results because the former is jargon and the latter is likely to more widely understood.


Congratulations to Max, and a big thanks to both davidgo and Mike Ciffone for stepping forward for the community and making the election possible. Your excellent contributions on the site and help to moderate it are really appreciated!


All three candidates were terrific. Max will make a great addition to our moderatior team, but I would have been happy to work with Mike Ciffone or davidgo. This site is truly blessed to have multiple enthusiastic individuals who are willing to step up and take on a larger role.


Congratulations, Maximillian Laumeister! Welcome to the team!

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