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It was featured in the Hot Network Questions which highlights popular questions on all SE sites. When featured there it will drive additional traffic to a question.


I apologize for the delay in fixing this. In the end, it turned out that we were, in fact, missing one line of code and CSS variables weren't being generated correctly. Thanks for the report and the diagnosis!


Stack Exchange launched new instructions for review queues recently. See New onboarding for review queues on the main meta site. Everybody is getting the pop-ups once per Stack Exchange site, regardless of whether or not they have just earned access to the queue, or have already completed thousands of reviews. Catija ♦ says: Many people already have the ...


The election graphic has been changed. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.


Goodness. I saw this on the election page and mistakenly thought the former moderator had passed away. The new image is much more clear. Let's get it done.

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