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Should old questions with no more interaction from the OP, be flagged and closed on the basis that we can not know if the answer helped?

A few days ago I flagged a question to be closed/removed since it is old, the user is not around, the question hasn't seen any activity in years and the problem didn't got a solution, or at least, the ...
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Cleanup: unanswered questions from 2011

There are only 40 6 questions left from 2011 that have no upvoted answers. To view these questions navigate to Unanswered -> Newest, then navigate to the last page. Since there are so few left, here ...
5 votes
1 answer

After page 7 of unanswered questions, there are questions with answers?

As soon as you hit page 8 (of 50 results per page) of unanswered questions and beyond, all the questions have answers; is this a bug?
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Can a moderator select an answer?

I'd like to know if moderators can select my answer or do I have to wait for the person who posted the question to select it? I answered this question Where do I register .sh domain? my answer was up ...
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Cross Posting on Related Forums

As StackExchange has such a diverse network of technology sites, is it permissible to post a question to a second forum if they don't get any answers after a day or other extended period of time? In ...
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9 votes
2 answers

How can we stay on top of old questions? / Guidelines for old questions

Last night (Around this time) I went through the Unanswered Questions from the bottom up. I got through till page 3 only choosing questions that the user who asked had shown recent activity or more ...
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