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Rename [hidden-text] to [hidden-content]

Suggestion: Let's rename the tag hidden-text to hidden-content. I don’t think there is a need to handle text differently from other forms of content (images, videos, …). Example question (to which I ...
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Retag - Get rid of meta tags

I've removed all traces of the subjective tag from Pro Webmasters. Fortunately, no questions had this tag as the only one. I also re-tagged one instance of poll to visitor-poll. Can anyone else find ...
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Is there an on going tag clean-up / retagging effort?

I answered a question today slightly related to google-workspace. The question's core is "domains literacy" (domain registrar, domain hosting, alternatives to handle domain email forwarding )...
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Tag request: DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is a very large VPS company, not unlike Linode. Linode has a tag yet DigitalOcean does not. I'm sure that there are other people other than me wanting to ask questions about DigitalOcean....
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stack-overflow tag in Pro Webmasters Meta

Any reason why the StackOverflow tag here in meta is called stack-overflow instead of stackoverflow like in several other StackExchange sites and StackOverflow project itself? Also, we have a belongs-...
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Can the tags "broken-links" and "dead-links" be merged?

Similar tags: broken-links ×1 -- No description dead-links ×8 -- No description
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