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Tag: google-webmaster-tools to google-search-console

Google officially renamed "Google Webmaster Tools" to "Google Search Console" and the tag issue came up when we discussed this in chat: w3d So, errrm, who's going to retag the 1000+ questions ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Can the tags "web" and "website" be blacklisted?

web and websites don't add any value. This site is about websites and the internet, so practically every on topic question could be tagged with those two tags. I've been discussing getting rid of ...
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5 votes
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Single use tags and synonyms

We had a great grand opening, now we need to work on cleaning up all of the confetti on the floor. If you have a few minutes, please take a look at where single use tags begin and work your way to the ...
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4 answers

List of possible tags that are synonyms

This is to list tags that may possibly be synonyms: = aspx blog = blogs browser = browsers customer-service = customer-support dns-server = dns-servers domain-name = domain-names font = ...
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Please retag memcache as memcached

The memcache should be memcached. This is a very common mistake. However, the right name is memcached. I also suggest to add memcache as synonym of memcached, as in StackOverflow.
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3 answers

Dealing with tag overlap for 'ranking'

Consider that we have the following topics: Page Rank (Google's trademarked rank indicator) Alexa Ranking Over-all ranking (in general, not specific to any service or SE) This would mean three very ...
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Should "ads" and "advertising" tags be merged?

advertising × 184 - the practice of producing text, images, or other media intended to influence others' purchasing decisions. ads × 60 - Short for advertisements. Visual elements added by a webmaster ...
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1 vote
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Tag: sites - please set as intrinsic/"blacklist"

Following on request to remove websites tag, (synonym: web-sites) please remove sites
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