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Should Webmasters allow 3 votes to close a question rather than 5?

I feel like it is currently too hard for non-moderators to close and re-open questions on Webmasters. According to 2021: a year in moderation in the last year our moderators closed 989 questions while ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Question has reopen/close votes but does not appear in my reopen/close review queue?

I notice that this question has been put on hold and has 1 reopen vote. However, the question does not appear in my Reopen Review Queue (which appears empty). Why? I have noticed this a few times in ...
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Re-open queue has really old posts appearing now

I'm seeing items in the re-open queue that haven't been touch for a year or more. For example one I'm looking at was asked Jul 23 2012 at 15:40, then closed four minutes later. The community user ...
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