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Is this question really a duplicate?

I cast a reopen vote and put my reasoning in the comments, but nobody else weighed in: Best way to remove a retired site from google search? I also brought it up in chat. If this was seen and mods ...
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Question is not a duplicate

Screaming Frog hreflang missing confirmation links Is not the same question as Missing confirmation link for the hreflang x-default element and the answer is also not relevent to the specific ...
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Project Reduplication of Deduplication - ProWebmasters

Stack Exchange recently started a collaboration project with the University of Melbourne, in an attempt to improve the automatic detection of duplicate questions. More information on the project and ...
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Duplicate question from other SE sites

Are duplicate question from other SE sites allowed to be posted? I would guess that they would not be as the question should be posted in the appropriate SE site and not on multiples to gain more view/...
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duplicate question

My question, mediawiki-hosting, was closed as a duplicate, but the supposedly duplicate question does not answer my question: My question is about wiki-as-a-service, the linked question is about ...
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Cross Posting on Related Forums

As StackExchange has such a diverse network of technology sites, is it permissible to post a question to a second forum if they don't get any answers after a day or other extended period of time? In ...
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Bug: "No eligible question found at that url." for close as duplicate of Meta.SO question

Inquiring about Which rich text editor it is used on SE? Is that under free licence? question here on Pro Webmasters. Close dialog returns "No eligible question found at that url." when attempting to ...
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Merging all the "Is this url seo friendly" questions

I know when I come across a duplicate question, I'm supposed to flag it (and I do.) However, there seriously must be 50 "Which of these urls is the most SEO friendly" questions all across the Stack ...
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