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Asking for review or testing help ethics

Is it ok to ask people if they want to write their opinions about website design, overall review, or maybe ask for some page testing help?
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Recourse against a moved question

What do I do when a question is moved incorrectly? I asked a question about finding a replacement for the Office Web Components. I think it was moved just because I mentioned that the Office Web ...
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Hi and thanks -- should we edit them out

On StackOverflow it has been the norm to edit out greetings and thanks yous and similar content from questions and answers. The rational being that it just clutters things up. This isn't meant to be a ...
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Should we allow shortened URLs in questions/answers

In a recent question a link to a site was included that had been shortened using The link was inoffensive, however you could not know that for certain without clicking through. So I'm ...
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