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1 vote
1 answer

Which site of stack exchange is the best place to discuss domain deals?

like: whether domain xx is good or not whether a domain is worth $1000 or not how to buy a domain from a foreign vendor
8 votes
3 answers

Example domain cleanup

Here's a cleanup project to help improve the information on the site. Posts on this site often reference a fictitious example domain. The preferred domains for this purpose are the reserved ...
19 votes
11 answers

Is the name "webmasters" the right name for this site?

I don't know anyone that still uses the term "webmaster". Is this site missing its mark because people don't take the name seriously? It hasn't received quite the influx of visitors I would have ...
21 votes
29 answers

What do you want our final domain name to be? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Write an Elevator Pitch / Tagline Note: We are closing this domain naming thread. It is asking the entirely wrong question. See this blog post for details: Domain Names: Wrong ...