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Main Webmasters chat room is frozen (again) - can this be unfrozen?

UPDATE 30-June-2021 (bump) The chat room is frozen again! In fact, it only remained "unfrozen" (by Dan) last time for 2 days before it was automatically frozen again! It has been frozen ever ...
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Can we chat with a specific user in private?

Do you know if we can chat with a specific user in private? (with StackExchange network of course)
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Webmaster chat now available

Just a heads-up; Pro Webmasters now has access to a third place, to chat in more real-time way via chat.stackexchange. Please feel free to drop by. The "chat" link should appear at the top of all Pro ...
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Pro Webmasters Chat Room

I've created a room on the new Stack Exchange chat system for anyone who wants to join. To enter, you must: Have at least 20 reputation on Be logged into ...
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