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I have add a bounty, then answered myself, no one else answered? what to do?

Can I receive bounty back to myself, or may be better to give it to anybody who will write something useful on topic, not necessary answering a question? The question is link Edit: I have added to ...
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Can I please have the bounty back?

Installing Comodo software on an Apache-based Modsecurity module No one answered in a week and most likely there won't be an answer.
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3 votes
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Why is this question still featured? So, I was rewarded with bounty yesterday, and this question appears on featured list. Why is that so? Is it some kind of bug or? This is the ...
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Recovering bounty that was never awarded

I offered a 50 point bounty on this question: Facebook and Crawl-delay in robots.txt? As it turns out, the question was a duplicate, and the bounty was never awarded, yet i have still been deducted ...
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"Start A Bounty" link still shows up even after an answer is accepted

Title speaks for itself. Why give the ability to offer a bounty when the question is already solved?
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Add a bounty for a community wiki question?

So say there's a community wiki question, not my own, that I think deserves more attention. Can I put a bounty on it? The FAQ says: As an additional bonus, bounty awards are immune to the daily ...
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