and don't add any value. This site is about websites and the internet, so practically every on topic question could be tagged with those two tags. I've been discussing getting rid of those tags on the chat, and not that I'm back from vacation I thought that I would make an actual feature request on the meta about it.

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    Also, can we do the same with the sites tag?
    – user6901
    Aug 24, 2012 at 18:21

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These tags have been burninated.

And blacklisted.

Both seem like rather obvious tags that would apply to most - if not all - questions on the site, so they've been marked as "intrinsic" - this allows the migration of questions with these tags, but strips them as they come in.

Please, care for the widows and orphans.


I agree. I'm sure if we go through those they can be safely removed. I did a bunch a month or two ago and I don't see why we don't just finish up the remaining ~65. I'm sure those questions could use a good cleanup anyway.

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