I don't know for certain why this was closed as off-topic. I hate asking these types of questions, but having read the FAQ, I felt webmasters was the place to ask.

Why do differant domains have differant prices?

My guess is that since it's about the web in general, and not the direct operation of a website is why it was closed. But a lot of questions I see on here do not truly relate directly to problems or issues that affect entire websites.

Anyways, would love to know if this is the correct logic behind it, and if so, is there a place on SE I should ask / maybe even off.

  • When a question is closed, I really wish it gave more information why.
    – Fewfre
    Aug 13, 2012 at 15:35
  • I'm guessing the upvotes / silence means it does seem odd?
    – Fewfre
    Aug 14, 2012 at 20:35

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The question arguably has little to do with managing a site, or in this case assets related to one. While there are plenty of questions accepted regarding finding where to register a particular odd TLD and so on, those are actual practical matters directly related to running a site. This particular question is really just economics.

[Because there's so much domain talk otherwise, I do agree John might've provided some context in this case, which may even have been something entirely other than what I said above.]

A seller can set their product at whatever price buyers will tolerate. .tv domains were launched at a relatively high price because the TLD controller figured TV show producers would pay a premium for eg. americanidol.tv (I've seen little evidence that plan worked out.) In contrast, most registrars seem to offer .biz at low prices because nobody ever really took that TLD seriously and it seems overrun with spam sites in my experience.

There are a few other instances like .tv where someone can point to specific reasoning for a given TLD's pricing, but ultimately there's no real answer to the question other than "That's what [whoever] decided the price would be."

  • Thanks for also answering my question. There's a few domain questions, but I guess I see the point. And while from your answer it is just economics, I could not have known that without an answer, as I wasn't sure if it had a technical reason or not. Thanks though :)
    – Fewfre
    Aug 15, 2012 at 11:44

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