About How to make a sub-domain an alias of other domain when a wilcard exist to that level in the dns server which is closed as exact duplicate of vhost set up help -- domain and ip point to the same site

I'm the one that answered the question in linux.stackexchange.com. Now I noticed it was migrated here, but was closed by a moderator (and not by the cummunity) as exact duplicate. It looks like John Conde made his decission based on the title of the question, and not on the actual content, and the actual question indeed.

What the question need is someone who can edit it and change the title. Or maybe it is a duplicate, but not of the pointed question.

I'm new here so I do not have enough reputation to vote it to reopen.

The questioner looks new to all the StackExchange eco-system, so s/he is pointless and just post a comment about her closed question.

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I think they are identical questions. You would treat an IP as an actual Host name in Apache, so using the VirtualHost container, ServerName and ServerName are both treated like ServerName www.example.com or ServerName sub2.example.com and could all host different content.

The way Apache treats all unknown hosts (if someone points www.example2.com to your server and you DO NOT host it), is that it will look for the VERY FIRST VirtualHost in your configuration, and use that as the default.

A configuration error will cause Apache to in fact not realize it has multiple VirtualHost blocks, and use the first one as a catch-all for all domains even if you try to host them.

  • The question is not about Apache, did you read it?
    – jachguate
    Aug 13, 2012 at 8:49

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