This is the second question I've seen recently that I think would be a better fit for ux.stackexchange.com. However when flagging it is not one of the four suggested sites for where an "off topic" question might belong. Can we add it as a fifth option, and if not either replace one of the other four or confirm that the current four are still the most useful?

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Those of us with over 10k reputation can see stats on the migrations for the last 90 days: https://webmasters.stackexchange.com/tools/posts/migrated/stats

The top sites that questions get sent to is:

  • stackoverflow 129
  • serverfault 16
  • wordpress 12
  • superuser 8
  • webapps 6
  • graphic design 3
  • drupal 2
  • security 1
  • programmers 1
  • UX 1 (allegedly)

I don't know if that list is automatically determined, but it looks like it is. UX is a long way down the list so probably not worth including even if that list is hard coded.

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