Per this question, this is a lobby to reopen the question Should Site Title be Before or After Page Title? on webmasters.se.

I do not see the question as a duplicate of the other, because the referenced question discusses only keywords in the title and purely in SEO terms. I was looking more for a possible semantic reason (as well as any SEO benefits) and was specifically aiming for answers related to the relationship between sites and pages.

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Reopened as requested; you may want this question migrated to the User Interface/User Experience StackExchange site to get answers from UI/UX professionals (there are no existing duplicates on the UI/UX site from the searches I tried).


IMO I think this is an OK question on webmasters.

I can see where it might be considered a tiny bit bikeshed (chocolate or vanilla?) but it is well asked and certainly relevant to the average webmaster.


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