The footer of webmasters.stackexchange.com goes like:

■ stackoverflow.com ■ api/apps ■ careers ■ serverfault.com ■ superuser.com ■ meta ■ area 51 ■ webapps ■ gaming ■ ubuntu ■ webmasters ■ cooking ■ game development ■ math ■ photography ■ stats ■ tex ■ english ■ theoretical cs ■ programmers ■ unix

where meta link directs to meta.stackoverflow.com. It should point to the corresponding/appropriate meta site.

(Same is the case with serverfault.com and I guess lot many other related sites).

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Well, that's not really the intent of that link -- like Area 51, Meta Stack Overflow has special significance, it is the "Washington DC" or national capital meta:


The focus of this site is the content topic. If the question is about the Stack Exchange engine in a general sense, it should be asked on Meta Stack Overflow instead.

compare with


There is of course a link to the webmasters "local" meta on the top of every page and on most question pages in the sidebar.

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  • Okay. I am sure if its intentional it must be well though of ... just slightly unintuitive for a beginner. – JP19 Jan 20 '11 at 4:40
  • probably a legacy of the transition from SO to SE being the central hub recently...(beginner observation :) ) – Mike Hudson Mar 22 '11 at 11:28

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