I'm not sure if these are real questions. It sounds more like people seeking free labor especially for a possibly subjective issue. Thoughts?

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If ever there was a use for not a real question, this was it. I've already closed it since it is basically impossible to answer (as asked) within the confines of Q&A in a reasonable amount of time.

This is identical to the show me teh codez or homework questions that we see so often on SO. While I realize that this is not Stack Overflow, the down votes on this question tell me that the same sentiment applies as far as how the community views these types of questions.


I agree with that, and that these questions are not something that are valuable for future visitors.

This kind of question was clearly seen as off-topic in the "White Hat SEO" definition phase


but I guess it never came up in Pro Webmasters (I didn't initially follow Pro Webmasters, but I can't find any references).

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