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I found a site which lists 18 of the best SEO conferences in 2010. A couple of them have not occurred yet. I have listed those below and others that I have found.

What other conferences do people know of besides these for SEO or Webmasters? Which ones do you think are the best? Your votes and comments will help us all so please jump in!

  • SMX East Oct 4-6th in New York, New York (SEO)
  • SES Chicago Oct 18th - 22nd in Chicago (SEO)
  • PubCon Nov 8th-11th Las Vegas (Webmaster Conference)
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  • I thought that finding some in Asia / Australia would be much easier than it has turned out to be. It seems like all the major ones tend to happen in the US. – Tim Post Aug 24 '10 at 13:40

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