We have this question on Super User: Drupal image. Files storing to wrong place. Imagecache?

It's off-topic for Super User, for sure. However, I'm not sure where to refer the user to. He is obviously in a webmaster position, but he is mostly asking about why something doesn't work correctly in drupal. I checked the FAQ, but I lack knowledge on the subject to judge if it's matching or not.

Is this question on-topic on this site?

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I think it's on topic for this site. I don't think it's on topic for stackoverflow unless it is about programming.

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  • Ok, question closed on Super User, and recommendation about this site written. Thank you. – Gnoupi Jul 28 '10 at 9:11

I would suggest sending him to Stack Overflow. It could get answered here as well but Stack Overflow should definitely be able to answer it.

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