Right now has 420 questions, and has 23 questions.

I propose we mark the latter as a synonym for the former, since afaik they mean the exact same thing.

This also has the added benefit of nobody being able to make any jokes about the number of questions, because I hate fun.

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    Update: Since there were no objections, the advertisement tag was merged with and made a synonym of the advertising tag. This should be fully visible in a day or so.
    – dan Mod
    Jun 17, 2020 at 4:18

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According to this related Meta discussion, the tag was made a synonym of the tag.

Though it seemed to be agreed there that was short for , there isn't a synonym between the two however. Ergo, it seems logical that should also become a synonym of .

In regards to because I hate fun, please note that fun is strictly considered off-topic here - JK :-)


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