There is a bunch of information for webmasters that used to live on Google Plus. Google employees such as John Mueller posted there. We have about 150 posts that link to Google plus:


Google plus is no longer available and those links are broken. They should be removed or the links converted to a cached copy from the internet archive.

I'd appreciate any help with this project. As usual with mass edit projects, please just do a few at a time to prevent flooding the front page.

  • 1
    Ugh. Let's start chipping away....
    – John Conde Mod
    Dec 18 '19 at 13:25
  • Which do you or the mods prefer? Cache or removed? Or even just removing the http:// and placing (depreciated) or some other notation? Cheers!!
    – closetnoc
    Dec 20 '19 at 18:30
  • 2
    Linking to the cached version would be most useful for users if a cached version can be found. Dec 20 '19 at 19:40

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