Is the tag too broad? It seems to add no value compared to just using the transfer keyword in a title or body. Right now this is the barebones tag info:

To move something from one thing to another.

Most of the questions currently tagged with would probably be better suited to using . That tag is good for topics like EPP keys, authorization codes, and migration of WHOIS data.

And then there are some questions that probably don't need the tag at all.

  • Note that the "transfer" tag was removed from the question in the above link since it didn't really apply as Nic had pointed out.
    – dan Mod
    Jul 6, 2019 at 5:07

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It does seem like a number of questions using the transfer tag really should be using the more specific and commonly used domain-transfer tag. Other questions using the transfer tag that aren't related to domain-transfers includes topics such as:

Tags get created by users just by adding them to questions, so even if we deleted the transfer tag and replaced it with more specific tags such as data-transfer, we couldn't prevent users in the future from recreating and using the transfer tag again.

In the general case of transferring something, it seems the combination of two tags (e.g., data + transfer) might be more suitable than trying to conceive of each ___-transfer tag possible, while trying to prevent users from adding the transfer tag back again.

Since the domain-transfers tag has already been created and used fairly extensively for a while now, I'm going to sort through the questions tagged with just transfer that really should be tagged with domain-transfer and edit them to use the domain-transfer tag instead.

I'm also going to edit the tag info for the transfer tag to:

The act of moving data, web-hosting, email, etc...to another location or party. Please add an additional tag to specify what would be transferred (e.g., data, web-hosting, email, etc..). For transferring domains, just use the commonly used domain-transfer tag alone.

I'm also going to add tag info for the domain-transfer tag, which was missing:

Transferring domains to another registrar, host, DNS provider, or party. Please do not include the transfer tag since that's already implied.

So in summary, since there's an unknown combination of "transfer" tags possible and we can't prevent the transfer tag from being recreated, the best we can do is to provide better information on how to qualify it with the addition of another tag, and to re-tag questions asking about domains with the commonly used domain-transfer tag.


About 31 questions out of the previous 85 questions tagged with just transfer were edited to use the domain-tansfer tag instead. Also, when typing "transfer" in the Tags form, the domain-transfer tag will appear too.

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