Looks like "gwt" was a synonym of "google-webmaster-tools", then this was merged into "google-search-console" and now "google-search-console" has "gwt" as a synonym.

But, "GWT" is the official name of "google-web-toolkit" since 2012. So I'm asking to remove the "gwt" synonym so it can be used as it actual meaning, referring this framework: http://www.gwtproject.org/

In StackOverflow "gwt" has this meaning: https://stackoverflow.com/tags/gwt/info

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After a Google and Bing search, it appears the acronym GWT more commonly refers to the Google Web Toolkit now that Google re-branded Google Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console, so the GWT tag synonym was removed.

You're free to create the GWT tag again, and add tag info corresponding to the Google Web Toolkit for it.

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