It looked like I had a slight reputation drop (like -2, but I can't honestly be sure of that), so I went and had a quick look at the reputation tab in my user profile.

The latest entry stated "reverted" (the tooltip reports "Suggested edit approval overridden") for the question "Do subdomains need to be defined through domain registrar?" but there is no reputation change shown:

Reputation changes - "reverted"

However, that would appear to be a "suggested edit" from nearly 5 years ago (31 Aug 2012) - which was approved at the time?! If you have a look at that question, nothing appears to have been rolled back (or "reverted")? The "suggested edit" is still there, although if you look at my reputation changes for that day, it no longer reports +2 next to that suggested edit, the reputation score is missing. (Another suggested edit a few weeks prior to this on 7 Aug 2012 shows the +2 rep increase.)

The Suggested Edits review queue history doesn't report any recent changes that are relevant here. UPDATE: However, the original edit approval is no longer present in the suggested edit review history either.

So, what happened here?

Possibly unrelated, but this appears to have coincided with 4 old meta questions being "bumped to the homepage". However, these meta questions are also 5 years old!? Is there a system wide update that's digging up the past?


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A long-time user deleted their account. Among other side effects, this results in the loss of any reputation earned from edits where theirs was the final vote to approve.

It appears a little bit odd in the reputation history, as the edits themselves aren't actually reverted... Still, I think it's a slight improvement over the previous behavior, wherein you'd lose reputation without any indicator on your profile as to what might have triggered it.

See also: Lost reputation from suggested edit approval on post left behind when account is deleted

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