Here's a link from a question about this on the Meta site for Stack Exchange.

Basically I want some help with the syntax of MediaWiki, like how can I create templates like this.

Specifics: as commentators requested. I am interested in creating these templates to be fully functional so that I can utilize them in articles. Like I'd love to be able to create drugboxes for my articles on this Wiki.

Now, I realize this is generalized, but all I want is someone to give me an explanation, and then walk me through it.


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Possibly, it depends on your specific question however. We do have questions on MediaWiki templates here.

If the question is simply how can I create templates like this however, then that would be considered too broad to answer in under a few paragraphs, so would be off-topic here. Also, if it involves extensive programming, then it would likely be a better fit for Stack Overflow where there are more programmers to help.

In regards to the "Specifics" added to your question, without seeing the actual question, I can only further state that according to our guidelines on What topics can I ask about here: Questions about other CMSs [exluding WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Tridion, or Salesforce] may be asked here on Pro Webmasters.

So the subject area is on-topic, and really depends on how you ask your question(s). You can read more about how to ask questions by reviewing the Asking section in our Help Center.

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