For just about half of the questions I answer on Pro Webmasters, all I could do is copy and paste the majority of this answer and rephrase it to fit the question:

Sadly, you are taking all of the steps with the removal process. Google Webmasters also explains this issue with their YouTube video. It takes a good while for the actual removal process from all of Google and the search engine. Try to be patient now, and it will happen.

Also, you have to remember, Google is indexing, re-indexing, and deleting records from their Search Engine all of the time at a massive rate already, but there is trillions upon trillions of sites that this needs to be done to and more links for indexing.

Should we globalize the answer into a Community Wiki to make it easier for myself and others?

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Pick the best incarnation of the question you can find, give it some editorial love and create a truly canonical post out of it. This means:

  • Editing for brevity wherever possible
  • Formatting / grammar touch-ups as needed
  • Consolidating answers into one really good answer, if appropriate (you don't want a thesis, but if 5 answers result in 3 paragraphs, great!)
  • Linking to the canonical question / answer in relevant tag wikis

.. you then have a great, easy to find canonical post that you can mark other questions of the same premise, just asked differently, as a duplicate of. The remaning 'stubs' will be there to guide folks to the canonical version of the post.

You might need to involve mods to merge a couple of the better similar questions into one, clean up duplicate info, etc - so feel free to flag if needed.

This is definitely one of those times where you should be seeking out a canonical, well-maintained version of the question along with a well-groomed answer just to have for folks that need it.

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