On this website, you see the name "Pro Webmasters". On stackexchange.com, it's simply represented as "Webmasters", and in the URL, it's webmasters.stackexchange.com. What's the most accurate name of this site? Is it a tie between a couple of different things? If it's something like "Pro Webmasters", what do you capitalize, and are there spaces in between?

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This is not a duplicate of Why “Pro” in “Pro Webmasters”. That question is asking why the word "Pro" was added as a part of the name. My question is asking which name is the most official one, "Webmasters", "Pro Webmasters", or something else. These are two clearly different questions.

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    It seems the OP is asking how best to refer to this site.
    – dan Mod
    Jan 3, 2014 at 2:01

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As indicated, Stack Exchange lists the site as simply: Webmasters.

As the answer in the linked question here indicates, the "Pro" portion is to signify that professional Webmasters can be found here.

Officially and informally, either seem fine, preferably with capitalization to emphasize the name of the site and title Webmasters might hold. If you use "Pro Webmasters", a single space should appear between them.

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