These tags are very similar:

Should some of them be merged?

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In my opinion, these tags shouldn't be merged because they have different meanings.

Tracking and reporting are just a part of analytics; there is also the analyzing part in analytics. I think analytics is more general than tracking. In general, tracking is for a specific action (a button for instance), analytics is the analysis of traffic for an entire site.

For me, = + + .

Otherwise, tracking and logging have also different meanings for me. You can log actions of a user with never look at into the file to analyze the result.

  • I second this answer. They're interrelated, but can be discussed individually too.
    – dan Mod
    Commented Dec 16, 2013 at 1:47

"tracking", "analytics", and "reporting" should be merged. They mean the same thing. I'm also in favor of including "statistics" in the merge. It could mean something different, but in the context of a site about being a webmaster, it is talking about website tracking. The questions tagged with it could fit in the same bucket just fine. The canonical tag should be because it is the most popular.

Logging is a different concept and should be left separate.

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