My question was just closed, and I realize the error of my ways. I was asking a bit of an opinion question that would "likely elicit extended discussion or debate".

I guess I'd like to know if its uncommon for a CMS to add content to a site without permission?

I've run into this a lot with the current CMS I'm forced to deal with and I would assume that this isn't a common thing for a CMS to do.

How could I reword it in order to get an answer?

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Without getting into the specifics, it sounds like a permissions problem or an CSRF vulnerability.

At one point in time or another, these have both been relatively common issues for a variety of content management systems - most site defacement is either spurious vandalism or (more likely) financially motivated.

Hopefully that speaks to the generalities your question concerns - don't know that it would be useful or appropriate to explore them further here, though you are welcome and encouraged to bring your concerns to the CMS provider for further discussion if an action was taken that was not authorized by one of the application's administrators.

  • In the long run, I'm trying to convince my client that they really need to switch to a new content management system. I was hoping that showing them that this sort of site vandalism was unusual and unacceptable would be a final coffin nail. Thanks. I'll drop it here, and go after the CMS.
    – apaul
    May 22, 2013 at 14:32

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